What We Do?

Eve's (Emotional wellbeing)

Wellbeing of the family relies heavily on the women in the family. Dr V Jayanthini has enormous experience in helping women at different stages of their life. Her deep understanding of the cultural issues & challenges within different family systems offers her the insight required to helping women.

Eve's - Emotional wellbeing

CEED (Children's Emotional and Educational Development)

Educational Assessments

Academic problems in children often arise due to poor motivation, poor concentration & hyperactivity (ADHD) and difficulties in reading, writing or mathematics (SLD/Dyslexia). Comprehensive educational assessment (including IQ tests) can lead to a better understanding of the child's learning abilities & difficulties. This may be crucial in determining the strategies to maximize the child's potential.

CEED (Children's emotional and educational development)

Emotional Disorders in Children

Attachment with the parents, emotional atmosphere at home, temperament, genetics and situational factors impact emotional development. Young children with emotional problems often suffer from medically undiagnosed stomach ache, head ache, oppositional behavior, refusal to go to school and sudden decline in academics. We provide age appropriate approaches for the assessment and treatment of children with emotional problems

Adolescent Zone

Adolescent Counseling

Adolescents can drop in to have a confidential chat with an experienced therapist. Adolescents can commonly have issues with sexuality, relationships, drugs or alcohol. They also commonly start to rebel against their parents as a part of their transition to adulthood. Adolescents respond well to an approach that is non-judgmental, respectful of their identity and empathetic. We also organize group sessions and stress (exam related) reduction programs

Career Guidance

Career Guidance

In a society that is obsessed with a just a few professions, children are forced to fit into boxes and lose their individuality. Comprehensive assessment of one's strengths, weaknesses, personality style and aspirations can aid one to choose a career that helps them realize their potential. We plan to offer such career guidance for university aspirants on a variety of career choices.

Emotional Disorders (in Adults & Elderly)

Emotional disorders such as anxiety, depression and other stress related disorders occur commonly in about 10-20% of the population. Effective treatments can substantially reduce the suffering caused by these disorders. We offer both psychological counseling and medications to treat the problems. We also cater to patients with serious mental disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Depression, anxiety and memory problems can be significant challenges for the elderly as they come to terms with increasing medical issues, change in their social roles and loss of relationships. Effective management of their conditions requires careful attention and management of all contributing factors.

Emotional Disorders

Lifestyle Disorders

Lifestyle disorders such as smoking and alcohol use disorders are related to higher physical & psychological morbidity. Increasingly Internet addiction is taking a heavy toll on people's academic, occupation and marital wellbeing. We offer latest evidence based interventions for cessation of smoking, treatment of alcohol use disorders and Internet addiction.

Lifestyle disorders